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Travel the world as a super yacht crew member.Super Yacht Bliss.Credit: The Stewardess BibleTop Tips for Finding Work on a Yacht.Yacht Crew.Ah.... the world of the rich and famous... among the 'bling', houses, jetand cars the next thing that comes to mind is the yacht. However these days the wealthy are no longer happy with the little yacht tied up at the end of the jetty...So what is a super yacht ? Well there is no real definition for the term, but I will broadly define it for you.A super yacht is a yacht either sailing or power yacht over 24 m. According to Wikipedia " The term luxury yacht, super yacht, large yacht and mega yacht refer to the expensive, privately owned yachts which are professionally crewed".So there you have it, it's a really expensive toy that the wealthy people enjoy the 'heck' out of.What is expected from you.Credit: The Stewardess BibleThe Good the Bad and the Ugly.So you have made up your mind and you are now ready to jump full heartedly into the alluring work of super yachts. When you are working as a professional crew member, you will have to deal with many positive and not so positive things.The Good:The salary and tips are great and quite often tax-free (depending on where you are from).Your food, uniform, and toiletries will beprovided.The amazing locations.The people who you meet, (crew and guests).The travel and adventure.The sunshine.Being star struck by the celebrities in their own environments.The Bad:There is no 9 - 5, you will be required to work long hours.You will spend long periods of time away from friends and loved ones.Sometimes the conditions are not comfortable.Your personal freedom will be limited.The Ugly:Sorry can't think of any :)So if you are really ready for some hard work then continue reading.Pack your bags... you are on your way!Credit: The Stewardess BibleGetting Started.The super yacht seasons.As with any new profession getting started is often the hardest part. So below are a few simple tips that will put you in the right place at the right time. Broadly speaking there is two season. The Mediterranean season and the Caribbean season, with various hubs through out the world.To find work for the 'med season' you will need to be in Europe around March as the yachts generally late march early April for the season to kick off mid April. Hub ports are:Antibes FranceNice FrancePalma de Mallorca SpainBarcelona SpainGenoa ItalyTo find work for the Caribbean season you will need to be in the USA around October as the yachts re crew around this time and the season usually starts late October early November.Hub ports are:Florida, the yachting Mecca in the USAFort LauderdaleLife at seaFeel The wind !Credit: Moody Yachts FranceBasic Qualifications.The Minimum Requirements Needed to Find Work on a Super Yacht.Wether you are looking for work as a deck hand or as a stewardess, you will need the following basic qualifications:STCW 95This is a mandatory course if you wish to work on a commercially registered yacht that comprises of four parts, these are:Personal safety and social responsibility.Sea survivalMaritime fire fightingFirst aidENG1This is a basic medical examination that basically says that you are fit for active duty at sea. The examination must be carried out by a MCA doctor.French Riviera.Work on a yacht.The Stewardess Bible.Thank you for reading my article, in these uncertain economic times I hope it inspires you to look outside the box when you are searching for a new career.