Women: What guilt and men have to do with work-life balance

(MoneyWatch) A new leadership book, "Receiving to 50/50," highlights the perpetual debate about the proper work-life balance for parents, specifically for ladies. Along with her co-author Joanna Strober (and with a foreword by Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg), Sharon Meers maps out a detailed program. Initially, women want to "fire guilt." Second, they will need to give men leading roles at dwelling. And third, we have to have to recognize that "fantastic: is the goal, not perfection. The authors also share sensible suggestions drawn from expertise as effectively as from social science study. And Meers has plenty of genuine-life encounter -- she is a mother and leads Enterprise technique at Magento, the worldwide ecommerce platform of eBay. She's also a former managing director at Goldman Sachs. Here's what she had to say in a short conversation about her new book.CBS MoneyWatch: What does "50/50" refer to in this book, and what does it mean to you?Sharon Meers: 50/50 means guys and girls sharing power and playing equally vital roles at perform and at property. 50/50 is about all of us -- guys, females, youngsters, employers -- having a lot, a great deal much more of what we want by changing the way we perceive our alternatives in profession, marriage and childrearing.Why is having to 50/50 so important? https://radweb.co.uk/blog/how-conversion-rate-optimisation-is-changing-and-evolving-with-new-data/ - free magento extensions - Why haven't versatile operate schedules grow to be the norm? Operating parents undoubtedly require the ability to address http://www.magazento.com/ - http://www.magazento.com/ - the needs of their children, whether or not that's receiving a sick child to the medical professional or choosing up at day care on time. That said, employers need to have great final results from absolutely everyone. Two issues truly aid -- measuring what matters and arranging ahead. Agree with your boss what issues really matter and how you can measure them. Then do a lot of that and report back. And try to anticipate which meetings or travel is critical, and make sure you have back up at dwelling: your spouse, pals or other household. Make relationships at operate so other http://magento.com/products/overview - http://magento.com/products/overview - people can step in for you if you have an emergency at houseWhy do clever bosses tell their parents, and all workers, to "go residence," as you create in the book? No matter where you sit in the meals chain, there are only so many productive hours your brain can put in. Right after that, you'll make blunders and you will make a mess. Research show that functioning parents who make it household in time for dinner are actually happier, healthier and more prosperous at function. When your kids are in a good place, when you have enough time to connect with your household, that tends to make you a more constructive, productive individual at perform. 2013 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved.