Women and Men and How They Are Affected By Anabolic Steroid Use

The side effects of anabolic steroids usually stirs great social concern and discussion when there is a well-known professional athlete involved in the news. Information on this topic goes back for decades and this information is not regarded as timely news. One beloved professional football player died of brain cancer very many years ago. For the length of his career, he took anabolic steroids. His ailment, he reported, was due to his excessive steroid usage. The idea of using steroids to improve performance does not seem to be a valid option regardless of any unique method. Anabolic steroid side effects will now be pondered.
One noted ill effect with men, is the reduction in the size of their testicles. Don't forget that the use of anabolic steroids will energize the testosterone process.
Viably speaking, this will cause your body to adversely relax in the manufacture of hormones. Eventually the testicles will decrease in mass due to the change in their function. Ultimately, the good news is that the testicle will be restored when the user gives up the drug. The action needed for the testicles to get back to normal will take a considerable amount of time.
The most damaging effects of anabolic steroid use is on the liver organ. Increasingly, we are witnessing bodybuilder pro's taking steroids orally and through injections. Ridiculously high dosages of the drug are consumed due to the pursuit of excellence which only makes the situation worse. Nortestosterone is a steroid that when taken via shots, can bring about liver lesions. The same kind of cuts can be associated with differing types of testosterones such as the chemical esters.
Other serious liver problems associated with anabolic steroid use include tumors of both benign and the malignant variety. When a patient stops ingesting steroids, some benign masses will literally reverse their growth. When anabolic steroids are present in athletes, we have seen liver cancer or hepatic carcinoma. Developing these side effects is bad enough, but the situation is also made worse by other factors. Very often the symptoms of these serious problems will go unnoticed for quite a while. Condition such as liver tumors, and other liver dysfunctions, will not be detected by normal blood test indicators.
It makes one wonder why steroids are so prevalent when using them has such dire consequences.
Some people choose to mitigate some of these factors by opting to inject the drugs rather than take them orally. The severity and extent of certain side effects can me somewhat mitigated by opting to administer the drugs via injection. But in no way should you assume that there is a way to completely avoid these side effects if you choose to indulge in steroids. This is absolutely insane, but some pro athletes even administer steroids using both injection and oral consumption.