With Lamar leading way, Houston ISD 7-on-7 football going strong

The Lamar football team put the Houston Independent School District on center stage with a magical run to the Class 5A-Division I championship game last fall.But the most important factor is the opportunity to get in as many snaps as possible over the summer before two-a-days in early August."First, it gives us a bead on some of the teams we'll see in the fall, but the most important thing is repetitions," Dixon said. "It allows us to work on our passing game and see what our skill players can do."On the flip side, defenses will be tested, which is exactly what Reinecke is counting on."Our secondary is brand new. We're playing mostly sophomores and a couple of juniors," Reinecke said. "We need as much practice as possible."It doesn't matter that Houston ISD's league is no longer a 7-on-7 state qualifier. However, it will showcase outstanding teams like Lamar, all vying for the best overall record and the official title of Houston ISD 7-on-7 champs."The teams change from year to year, but the quality is there," Reinecke said. "The kids have a lot of fun and it helps everyone get ready for the upcoming season. That's what 7-on-7 is all about." href='http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/heights-sports/article/With-Lamar-leading-way-Houston-ISD-7-on-7-4535628.php' - http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/heights-sports/article/With-Lamar-leading-way-Houston-ISD-7-on-7-4535628.php -