Witcher 3 - What adult content is there?

The first response is pretty complete for Witcher 3. I'd also recommend you look into the Dragon Age franchise. The sex scenes themselves typically don't show nudity (usually foreplay scenes in undies followed by "action" shots where the lower half is off-screen), so it's a bit more toned down than Witcher 3. But I find the relationships are more realistic. The characters you can romance are part of your adventuring party, so the process is slower, with more conversations where you flirt to try to get them to like you, which can be undone by saying the wrong things or even choosing a quest path http://busty-mature.easyxblogs.com - http://busty-mature.easyxblogs.com - they don't agree with. Plus, while each potential partner is pre-programmed as straight, gay, or bi, you get to make your character make your character male or female and choose yourself what orientation your character is.