Windows versus Macintosh Operating System - Making the Best Decision

Compared to the computers which were retailing only a few years ago, whether you use a Windows or Mac
operating system, you've got a much more robust and quicker computer today. You should look at every system, to see what they've got, prior to deciding which to buy. Before determining which system is right for you, we will provide you with the following assessment of Windows and Mac operating system.

When you want to be able to use a variety of "external" devices, you'll usually have better options with a Windows based computer. For example, computers endowed with Windows 7 usually include capabilities for Blu-ray players, memory sticks, multi-format card readers, etc. Lots of people want to connect their PCs to their televisions and when want to do this with your Mac, you'll need a special converter. If you have Windows 7 on your computer, though, you can connect the computer to your television pretty easily. This allows you to watch any videos that are available online on your television. With the exception of devices made by Apple, computers with Windows have a much easier time being compatible with external devices than computers with Mac OS.

All of the operating systems that came before Windows 7, were much inferior, according to most users of Windows. With the coming of Windows 7, Windows is gaining ground on Mac computers with much better security and less likely to crash. Windows Vista, XP and earlier versions, have had lots of people, who use those systems, complain about lots of crashes and glitches. Most of Microsoft's operating systems released up to now, haven't been very reliable, until Windows 7 came along. When Windows 8 comes out later, we will have to see if it will be better than Windows 7.

Often the differences are exaggerated by the users of either system, trying to make theirs out to be better than it really is. When hardware or software worked with only a Mac, or only with Windows, both of the systems were really different. You can find various versions of software that can work on either a PC or a Mac, that will run almost any device that you can hook up. If you want a Mac, that will run Windows, you now can have one, by purchasing the modern. For most computer users, you will be able to do anything you need to do, with either computer, but there are still a few specialized areas, which makes one superior to the other.

There is no definitive answer as to whether Mac or Windows is the absolute best OS. Both systems have fans and there are absolute advantages to each of them. Your best bet is to take stock of your needs, your budget, etc and then pick the OS that is the best match for as many of those things as possible.