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Bronchick Textbooks, Bio and Background
Costs Bronchick qualifies as a investor guru: he’s been accomplishing real estate investing for years, he has several products available, he performs boot camps, and he has plenty of free resources for both the aspiring and seasoned trader.

Bronchick is also an attorney. His or her practice is Bronchick and also Associates, Attorneys and Expert at Law, specializing in fixed and current assets protection, business law, organizations, estate planning, LLCs, real estate property, and self-directed IRAs.

He's a best-selling author which has a number of books to his credit and is the creator and host of Legalwiz. com, a legal resource for real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

He has also been interviewed by CNBC, Bloomberg news, XM radio, the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Every day, and Money Magazine. Yup, Oh snap!

Bronchick, according to his LinkedIn profile, is definitely president and chairman at College of American Real Estate Investors. He was formerly the president on the Colorado Association of Small real estate investors.

Let’s jump right in and get to Bronchick’s information. We’ll look at his no cost resources first.

A Look at Bronchick’s YouTube Channel and Lease Options
He has a fairly lively online presence and web 2 . 0 presence. His YouTube channel, William Bronchick , has a load of video posts. These kinds of videos range in length via four minutes to 18 minutes. They are current--as of the writing the last one has been posted three days ago--and it looks like he posts movies about once a month or so.

The vast majority of video posts are on the subject of real estate investing. Here are some of the online video titles:

Hard Money Lending,
Raising Private Capital regarding Real Estate,
Owner or Entrepreneur Financing Real Estate,
Looking for Bargains on Craigslist,
Deciding what exactly Real Estate Investments are Right for You,
Seven Ways to get Real Estate Presents Accepted,
Attorney Bill Bronchick Explains Lease Options and Contract for,
Wholesaling 101,
Free of charge Flipping Properties Book,
A few Keys to Success with Real Estate,
Building a Wholesaler Backend Buyer List,
Contract Assignment,
Quick and Dirty Y Analysis.
Landtrusts 101 simply by Attorney Bill Bronchick
Bronchick is also on LinkedIn along with Twitter.

At Legalwiz. com, Bronchick has a bunch of podcasts. These are current and recently posted podcasts. They variety in length from 12 short minutes to 45 minutes. You can subscribe on iTunes for the same podcasts.

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