Will Mexico Open Its Oil Industry To The World?

A taste of that fierce opposition was felt over the weekend in Mexico City, with the protests and President read more... Enrique Pena Nietos plunging approval ratings. The energy overhaul is a cornerstone of Pena Nietos Pact for Mexico program. The alliance has http://cannonwebsite.sweetcircles.com/ already successfully passed telecommunications, education and tax reforms. Energy reform, however, is widely seen as more daunting. And, some say, very much needed. Mexicos output has fallen steadily since 2004 due to natural production declines from its large offshore fields, the Energy Information Administration says. And the onus on arresting or reversing production declines falls squarely on the shoulders of Pemex, it added. More: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/energy-ticker/2013/12/02/in-mexico-city-prospect-of-energy-reform-ignites-protests/

Idaho and New Mexico State_both trying to avoid the cellar position of FBS Independent schools_held nothing back in read here the first half trading passing TDs and field goals and Idaho (1-11) led 13-10 going in to the break. Friday's Photos of the day McDonald tossed [source] a 7-yard TD to Austin Franklin and Adam Shapiro ran for another Aggie TD in the fourth quarter giving New Mexico State (2-10) an advantage Idaho could not overcome. In fact, the Vandals scored only three points in the second half. Idaho launched a final drive with two minutes left that ended with three incomplete passes from inside the New Mexico red zone. Idaho outgained the Aggies 459 to 371 yards, but New Mexico State had only one penalty while Idaho gathered eight for 95 yards. More: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/colleges/new-mexico-st-powers-past-idaho-24-16/2013/11/30/a1cc4012-5a1e-11e3-bdbf-097ab2a3dc2b_story.html

It's yours. The oil is mine." "Injustice," others read, declaring that "Mexico is not in mourning, it is pissed off!" View gallery." People hold signs reading "When injustice becomes a tradition, protesting becomes a duty" and "Mexic Pena Nieto has sought to focus on bolstering the economy since coming to power December 1, 2012, pledging a series of structural reforms and signing a "Mexico Pact" with the main opposition parties. Pena Nieto said his government has "made the adoption of the reforms a top priority," promising that they will help boost the country's economic growth. But the reforms have Panama sparked strong opposition from leftist groups. Earlier this week, Lopez Obrador's party announced that it would split with the Mexico pact unless the government changes its planned energy reforms -- one of which includes raising money for Pemex with foreign partners for high-cost, super-deep oil exploration beneath the Gulf of Mexico. More: http://news.yahoo.com/40-000-protest-mexico-leader-inauguration-anniversary-003046800.html

Or will they merely be contractors, making profits but with no ownership? If it is the latter, the interest on the part of companies will be much more tepid. They need additional reserves to support their stock-market valuations. At this point, it looks like a positive, though split, decision. In the less-risky shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the companies would get a share of profits, but no ownership. More: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101238412