Wig My Father from 1995 are incomparably funny

By gathering the clan now arises Enge, which would not be confused with nearby. And the long Suppressed on breaks, which would not be confused with reflection. Veronicas speech mimicking exactly those feverish condition which starts when a person gets after a long, agonizing silence air. It operates hectic and dramatic, manic and depressed, it behaves aggressively and destructively. It is a book full of anger, said the chairman of the Booker judges, Howard Davies in his eulogy. And Ann Enright once said: All families are the same, the problems will multiply with the number of their members. Ann Enright but would not Ann Enright, if they did not possess even those central feature of traumatized Irish writer, can be written with the good books: It has an overwhelming sense of humor. Some of her early texts, such as the "Wig My Father" from 1995 are incomparably funny. In her new novel, he is so bleak, it preserves precisely those boundary between tragedy and comedy, for which Irish literature is also in this country so appreciated. Some critics from the Anglo-Saxon countries have pointed out that the immediacy of the novel, and the double of its resulting narrator, performs as victims and witness in person to a stylistic uncertainties. Too often, the narrator must occur as a Witness for the Prosecution, and it was too little credibility in their dimension as a frustrated housewife who has long denounced their marriage in their interior. Also, there are large cracks in her narrative, which fluctuates between the elevated language and the spoken idiom.http://www.wigsen.com/lace-front-womens-nice-crop-short-remy-hair-wig-p82145.html