Why You Should Start Vaping Today

If you are a long-time smoker, chances are that youve probably felt the negatively effects of smoking already, even just in part. Youve probably found yourself wheezing, finding it harder to catch your breath after exercising, youre coughing up a storm in the morning, and you probably find yourself tasting food and drink less.
http://calvinkamos.tumblr.com/post/132608537021/e-cigarettes-are-exploding-in-the-news - Calvin K. Amos - Whats more, smoking is a very expensive habit, and the problem is that a lot of smokers dont really notice how quickly smoking can become expensive. Sure, you think its one or two sticks per day, but a heavy smoker can go through at least one pack per day, and at one pack per day, which each pack costing around $8 USD, you can easily burn through around $60 per day! That translates to $240 per month, or almost $3000 USD per year!
So if you want to give up smoking, vaping is the way to go. Unlike other smoking cessation devices that are not as efficient as delivering nicotine in your system, or are almost as expensive as a pack of cigarettes, switching to vaping can help you solve some of the biggest problems in your life thats caused by smoking.
First, the problems with your health. Smoking contains thousands of carcinogens, but one of the most notable is tar. It causes a myriad of respiratory diseases, as well as causes staining of the teeth and gums, and yellowing of the skin. When you switch to vaping, you will be exhaling vapor, which does not contain any tar at all. After a few weeks of vaping, you will notice that you are tasting food and drink once more, and you are not out of breath as easily.
http://calvinkamos.tumblr.com/post/132153317666/7-side-effects-associated-with-vaping-ecigs - Calvin K Amos - Second, the problems with your money. Vaping is expensive at the start, yes, but once you invest in a good-quality vaping set up (from mod to battery to atomizer), you can be sure that you will be saving money because you will only need to buy juices on a regular basis. Even wicking materials for atomizers can be bought sparingly.
Finally, the problems with your friends and family. Other than the people in your life who are smokers themselves, no one is glad that you are smoking, and they want to see you quit. Making the switch from smoking to vaping gives them the peace of mind that you are removing cigarettes from your life. Whats more, youll also be removing the risk of second-hand smoking to the people around you.