Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Skin Exam?

None of us really enjoy doing all the things you should do to monitor your body and keep healthy. An annual skin exam, though, is one of the most important and easy exams you can have and it is vitally important. This is particularly true given the rates of skin cancer in warmer and sunny climes, including skin cancer on the face in Orange County. Here are some benefits to regular skin exams.

It is Simple 

Of all the exams you can have, any eye exam is the easiest, but a skin exam follows closely. There is very little poking or prodding and almost no inserting. The only time a skin exam is the least bit uncomfortable is when it has played its role and your doctor is treating you for a skin cancer.

If your excuse for not having your needed annual checkups is the process or the intrusiveness, a skin exam is not either. In some cases, it can take as little as 10 minutes. Given the amount of sun we get, skin cancer on the face in Newport Beach is not that uncommon, but more so than other cancers and an annual skin exam can stop cancer in its tracks.

Early Detection of Bad Stuff

Stopping cancer in its tracks is reliant on early diagnosis. Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States with an estimated 20 percent of us getting some form of it at some point in our lives. Given its prevalence, that makes detecting it early key to beating it. An annual skin exam in all but cases of the most aggressive forms of skin cancer gives your physician or dermatologist the time they need to formulate and execute a treatment plan that gets rid of cancer and keeps you healthy.

Avoids Worse Stuff

This is kind of obvious, but detecting, for example, skin cancer on the face in Orange County early, avoids having to treat other kinds of cancer later on. Many patients do not discover they have skin cancer until it has spread to other parts of the body. While catching skin cancer early yields a cure rate of over 90 percent, having cancer spread to other parts of the body yields a much lower prognosis. This is particularly true if you have skin prone to getting cancer or come from a family with a history of skin cancer.

Catches Other Potentially Bad Stuff

Dermatologists will not just look for skin cancer. During your screening, they will look for and notice other skin conditions that may need treating. This is an added benefit that is very helpful in nipping various skin ailments in the bud.

There is no excuse for not having a regular skin screening or exam.  This is particularly true given the rates of skin cancer on face in Orange County. For very little effort, you can get something that is potentially deadly treated in time to make a difference and it is all due to regular skin exams.