Why you should Choose Responsive Web Design for Your Business


Responsive Web Design is a procedure of formatting your website in such manner that it easily accommodate to the size of any kind of devices just like desktop, Smartphone, tablet. Nowadays the use of Smartphone, tablet has vastly increased. This huge adaptability of these modern devices has increased the necessity of becoming mobile friendly for each and every websites. In this competitive busy world people like to use internet while doing other daily activities. In this scenario, your website should be responsive to engage the large number of audience and reaches your services to them.

The basic reasons for implementing Responsive Website are:

  • Its Extensibility:

As Responsive Website can easily fit to any kind of screen so it can be easily accessible from any kind of devices. People can carry on accessing internet at any moment, at any place; while travelling, reading newspaper, having dinner in restaurant table.

  • Better User Experience:

Another advantage of Responsive Website is that it loads very instantly after getting a response from client side. So users don’t have to wait for long. In this way you can get better user experiences which will help you to have much more traffic for your website. It is a strong indicator for your business success.

  • Time & Cost Effective:

If you implement Responsive Web Design in your website then you don’t need to create a separate version of websites. At a time you can create a website for various types of devices/screens. So it is time saving as well as cost saving because you don't have to main separate websites at a time.

  • SEO Friendly:

Now a days SEO world mostly depends on Google’s thought. Google declared that mobile friendliness is an important for each and every website and responsive web design is recommended for mobile configuration. So you can easily move forward one step with the help of responsive web design in this super competitive world.

  • Mobile Usage is Increasing:

In outside world you will surely notice that most of the people are using mobile phone; sometimes it seems that the Smartphone have become integral part of the human body. Recent statistics from Smart insights is telling this truth:


  • More than 205 of people prefer to search on Google via mobile devices.

  • In 2012, more than 50% of local searchers have done their job from mobile devices.

  • In USA, 25% of the total Internet users are using internet from their mobile devices.

  • 85% people like to access their email accounts via their mobile devices; on the other side another 10.06% people are opening emails from tablets.

  • In 2014, the number of mobile and desktop usages was same.

  • But 2014 onwards mobile usage has dramatically run over desktop usage.

  • For Improving Conversion Rate:

Responsive web design has the capability to increase conversion rate of your business. So, if more users are interested about your business, they are ready to be your customer; then it is really positive indication for your business. A recent research detected that within the last 30 days, 69% of tablet users shopped from their device.

  • Presence of Social Media on Mobile

At present, importance of social media is indefinite. Still if you are not accepting the Social Media Services, then you are not on the right way for marketing your business. According to ComScore, 55% of social media utilization happens from the mobile device.So, you are sharing your valuable content on social media for business promotion and if it is not accessible from mobile or tablet, then your target will not be achieved.

These are the reasons which are enough for proving that your website must be responsive for accomplishing a proper business success.