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Structured Asset Trust Unit Repackagings (SATURNS) Series 2004-4 Trust Receipt of Notice of Intent to Exercise Warrants in Part
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Then, the question becomes: Is the additional yield worth the additional risks we discussed earlier? Given that the main role of fixed income is to dampen the risk of the portfolio, it doesn't seem worth it. By going for higher yield, you're accepting more risk. Remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Photo courtesy of Vectorportal on Flickr. More on MoneyWatch: Three ways I can help you become a wiser investor: Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/larryswedroe . visit http://www.cbsnews.com/news/why-you-should-avoid-structured-settlement-investments/

0 Comments Structured Asset Trust Unit Repackagings (SATURNS) Series 2004-4 Trust Receipt of Notice of Intent to Exercise Warrants in Part Structured Asset Trust Unit Repackagings (SATURNS), Goldman Sachs Capital I Capital Security Backed Series 2004-4 Trust (the Trust) (New York Stock Exchange Ticker Symbol HJJ), announced today that it has received a Call Notice notifying the Trust of the intended exercise of 63% of the outstanding Warrants representing the right to acquire a combined Unit Principal Balance of 34,000,000 Class A Units and the equivalent Notional Amount of Class B Units for settlement on June 3, 2014 (the Intended Settlement Date). Under the terms of the Warrants, delivery of the notice does not give rise to an obligation on the part of the Warrantholder to pay the specified call price; and if by 4 p.m. New York time on the Business Day prior to the Intended Settlement Date the party exercising the Warrants has not paid the required call price, the related Call Notice will be effectively rescinded, in which case settlement of the relevant Warrants would not occur and the Warrants would continue in effect and could be exercised on a subsequent date. If settlement of the Warrants occurs pursuant to the Call Notice on the Intended Settlement Date, the trust agreement provides that Class A Unitholders will be randomly selected for redemption at the par value plus accrued interest of each Class A Unit and that, Class B Unitholders will be randomly selected for redemption at accrued interest plus the Class B Present Value Amount in relation to each Class B Unit, each in an amount to be determined in accordance with the Trust Agreement. visit http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/30/ny-saturns-idUSnBw305910a+100+BSW20140530

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There are a variety of factors that can affect the value of structured settlements or annuities. Some of these factors include whether the payment amounts have increased over time, whether some payments have been sold, and how much of the payment is remaining. My Structured Settlement Cash created the structured settlement calculator because the company understands the appeal of a lump sum buyout when monthly installments are no longer meeting financial requirements. In order to help customers with this, My Structured Settlement Cash's website is a secure site run by highly experienced and knowledgeable staff. ABOUT MY STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT CASH MyStructuredSettlementCash.com is dedicated to helping individuals who are looking to sell their structured settlement or annuities receive the best possible offer. In addition to providing multiple offers, a large network of buyers, and informative articles, My Structured Settlement Cash now offers a structured settlement calculator. visit http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/15/idUSnMKW227a+70+MKW20130215

Structured Settlement Calculator Now Available for Cash Payout Estimate on My Structured Settlement Cash
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