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I got a computer when I was 10 or 11 and was playing games and wanted to make them better, so I just started kind of messing around and designing some stuff myself. The games were terrible by any objective measure of a game, but theres some gratification that you get when its your game, and when youre playing something that you designed. Citing one specific story, Zuckerberg said that because he couldnt convince his sisters to have snowball fights with him while growing up, he opted to develop a snowball fight video game instead. A win-win for everyone involved. With his own personal experience as a backdrop, Zuckerberg stressed that an interest in video games can lead to a career as a programmer down the road. I do think this dynamic around kids growing up and building games and playing games is an important one, the Facebook founder and CEO explained. I actually think this is how a lot of kids get into programming. visit http://news.yahoo.com/why-mark-zuckerberg-wants-kids-play-video-games-021527830.html

'Tomorrowland' Cinematographer Claudio Miranda Talks About Creating First Dolby Vision Theatrical Release - Yahoo News

... but there are also different versions of how we approached Tomorrowland [driven by what is happening in the story]." You also want to be careful not to use the whole gamut all the time or it gets slightly abusive for the eyes, Miranda added. Most high-end digital cinematography cameras are already capable of handing high dynamic range images. For Tomorrowland, Miranda chose Sonys F65 camera (which he previously used to photograph Oblivion), in 4K resolution. It was shot on stage and on location in Vancouver, BC, as well as locations includingCalatrava in Valencia, Spain. For postproduction, working closely with Miranda and Bird, coloristNakamura graded the Dolby Vision version at Company 3/Deluxes new facility in Santa Monica, in a new grading theater. He used Company 3s go-to color grading system, BlackMagic Designs DaVinci Resolve, which already has the ability to grade and master in the Dolby Vision format. Dolbys plan is to equip theaters with Dolby Vision, along with Dolby Atmossound in a specially designed configuration that also includes a video wall entry area. These premium theaters are branded Dolby Cinema. The company also aims to get Dolby Vision to the home, and Vizio is expected to be the first set maker to release Dolby Vision-branded TVs. visit http://news.yahoo.com/tomorrowland-cinematographer-claudio-miranda-talks-creating-first-dolby-215032012.html

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It would have felt too overtly metaphorical. From Vegas, theyd be running these flights? The city of sin casting judgment? It would have felt too overtly metaphorical. Its notable that both Grounded and Good Kill explore the ways drone warfare affect the Americans participating in it, rather than the people on the other side of the world who are actually being bombed. Most cultural treatments of war tend to pick a side and stick with it, simply because its easier and more emotive than trying to understand the experiences of people who are projected to be the enemy. But with drones, the consequences felt by the Americans engaging in war arent inflicted by an enemy. Theyre the product of a type of technological advancement whose benefits outweigh its unknown psychological ramifications. visit http://news.yahoo.com/unmanned-171100343.html