Why It Matters Who Ellen Page Loves

It was interesting to watch people who didn't know me comment on my life as if they did. I shared that observation on Facebook, the weirdness of it all, and a friend thanked me for my courage. She said I got a conversation started because I was willing to share and to be honest about my experience. While people I Farrah tape barely knew on Facebook were cyber clapping me on the back, my five siblings and a few of my dearest friends were silent. I read all sorts of things into that. Then I decided to ask about their silence rather than speculate about it. One of my sisters said she was hesitant to share my post via Facebook because she's afraid for me and my girlfriend. Not only are we two women in love, we're black and white and living in North Carolina, a state not known Farrah Abraham sextape for its progressiveness. More http://www.huffingtonpost.com/annie-l-scholl/why-it-matters-who-ellen-_b_4795166.html