Why Isn't Alan Gross On Next Plane Home After Bowe Bergdahl? Forward.com

Grosss strongest advocates in Congress the people who defend his secret activities and stridently demand his unconditional, unilateral release have opposed negotiations and forcefully urged ramping up the regime-change programs to provoke Havana. (Senator Patrick Leahy is the clarion exception; hes called the programs nuts and suggested we talk to the Cubans.) But the similarities between them are more important. Both were carrying out operations approved by, and on behalf of, the U.S. government. Both knew the risk of jail or, worse, that they were running as U.S. agents and both knew the limitations of what the government could do to help them. Both accepted special payments or allowances for that risk. Both were obviously conducting activities intended to undermine the legitimacy and authority of their keepers indeed, destruction of the Taliban infrastructure in Afghanistan and regime change in Cuba.