Why Fashion Blogs are Such a Huge Influence on Women

Street fashion blogs like Mamamia.com.au are quite simply, online fashion diaries written by real people with real takes on the trends. One doesn't have to be a top fashion designer or a supermodel to be an expert in fashion and fashion trends. Fashion bloggers themselves are the ones who set the trends everyone follows, the ones who have a firm grip on what looks cool or not, and generally impressive in their demeanor. And get this: around 85% of fashion bloggers are female and have been described as quite fierce.To be a fashion blogger is considered the epitome of cool, not to mention having one of the highest-earning jobs as well. When you read street fashion blogs, you get candidly honest opinions about this seasons trends or the latest red carpet fashion. Light, fun and easy to read, fashion blogs are inspirational in the sense that you learn about fashion and style from real people, ones that you see on the streets everyday and not on the catwalks and runways of Milan or Paris. It makes fashion seem more relatable to the fashionably clueless.Fashion blogging started back in 1978, not online but as a street style column in the New York Times written by Bill Cunningham. But for most fashionistas, the first real blogger was none other than Cher, Alicia Silverstone's fashion forward character in the iconic movie Clueless, who used Polaroid photographs instead of mirrors to gauge how good she looked. Regardless of how it started, fashion blogging is well on its way to becoming the next glossy - online version. And the new style Bible which many women will consider the gospel truth.Author's Bio:Fashion trends constantly change and what better way to keep up than following fashion blogs done by real people with real takes on the trends. Check out fashion trends here at Mamamia.com.au and be as fashion forward as the rest. href='http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/why-fashion-blogs-are-such-a-huge-influence-on-women' - http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/why-fashion-blogs-are-such-a-huge-influence-on-women -