Why Every Mom Should Try A Barre Workout

As your body changes, so should your workout. Flexible and portable Barre3 offers in-studio child care, DVDs and online workouts. You can even use your smartphone to access workouts via the barre3 app. Prenatal support Schale-Drake says of her own redirected experience, "I was pregnant with my twins and barre3 truly kept me sane during my pregnancy. The further along in my pregnancy, the more support and warmth I felt from the teachers, clients and the barre3 community. Plus, I was able to jump right back into class afterwards, which was a huge surprise. Now I have the strength to hold exercise my two toddlers and run after them all the time. Full story: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/1034957/why-every-mom-should-try-a-barre-workout