Why do people buy apple computers?

Why do you ask a question trying to find someone who will repeat your thoughts word for word? Just install Windows on it, and then you can play your games all day long. Don't any of you PC geek Mac-haters understand that Apple computers can run Windows? As for iTunes sorting, all you do is make the folders as you wish, and change the iTunes preferences (that's equal to Windows "properties") to not arrange. It will then use YOUR arrangement. If you need to have a separate list of files and folders (I don't, because all my files are in folders), just download the free "MuCommander". It can be set to make your file management look like Windows Explorer. As for you guys always comparing GHzs and graphics and ignoring everything else, you needn't get so hot under the collar just because someone buys a different brand of computer than you, and thinks it has some qualities that are better than HP for the same GHz. If someone buys http://www.dailystrength.org/people/4254849/journal/11153423 - click here for more info - a BMW, do you rant on and on about how Chevys have the same number of wheels, so the specs are http://free.yudu.com/item/details/2488332/America-Pays-More-For-Internet--Gets-Slower-Speeds--Than-Other-Countries - Look At This - clearly the same? Give it a rest and let people do what they want, live where they want, and vote how they want. Don't pull a gun and kill everyone who isn't like you. If you do, we'll have to send you to Norway. Since you have no earthly use for this gift from your parents, tell them you want to give it to charity. No one is putting a gun to your head to make you use it. Get a job and save money to buy an Alienware or whatever.