Why Are Real Estate Investment Funds Slumping?

HealthLease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust Provides Q&A Update for November 2013

On the other end of the spectrum, REITs that own hotels, self-storage facilities and apartments typically rent out space for periods of a year or less and have the most flexibility to adjust prices. The most liquid way to invest in the publicly traded commercial real estate market is through U.S. exchange-traded funds, which are comprised entirely of REITs. Woodham recommends Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ).

Pierre and Mitchell Schneider, co-founders of real estate private equity firm Legacy Capital Partners (LCP1) , would add the housing market is both stronger, but also the next hot investment to add to your portfolio. Real estate is a great place to put your money, Schneider, who is the firms CEO, says. On a risk-adjusted basis, it has a relatively low risk and a relatively high yield in the spectrum of investments with an immediate return." Launched in 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio, LCP1 focuses on middle market real estate ventures, deploying capital nationally through a series of targeted strategies. Schneider and St. Pierre both come from real estate backgrounds. The idea behind LCP1 is twofold: to create an opportunity for individual investors to invest outside the exposure to swings in the stock market, and to provide a source of capital for those developing real estate throughout the country. This pouring of capital into new projects could very well be the answer to spur on home sales.

Real Estate Investing: 101

Once again, with our triple-net lease structure the strength of our tenants' balance sheets are important during the lease up period. Question 4: Can you provide some color on the debt financing environment? Answer: Five-year money is readily available at sub 5% on all types of senior care properties. If you want click here. to go to seven-year money the property must be stabilized and you will achieve low 5% rates. There is long-term debt available through the U.S.