Why Are Camelbak Water Bottles Preferred For Promotional Purposes

Spreading the word becomes considerably easy when the brand name is associated with a promotional product. The marketers of today are aware of this and waste no time in trying to hand out pens, tees, key rings, and yes, the all-important customized water bottles. From kids events to corporate meetings and ladies’ meets there is no one who would say ‘no’ to hydration.

Simply shopping for a prestigious Tritan H2Go that happens to be BPA free and manufactured from the reputed ‘Eastman Tritan co-polyester’ will not be enough though! One must also make sure to have it customized with the brand name along with the logo displayed on its surface so that the name remains in the mind of the consumer. This one is apt for drinking water on the go hence totally appropriate for handing out at sporting events or the opening of a gym focused on fitness.

Well, a marketing professional would definitely find it hard to choose between the former and Camelbak water bottles that can be utilized during running, jogging, and working out as well. The stainless steel body keeps the water cool while the sip and flip option make it convenient to drink from without having to stop one’s activity. No wonder this brand has turned out to be a huge hit with the fitness buffs and health conscious alike. The benefits of this particular brand of water bottle make it perfect to be associated with. A company will not have to lose any sleep about the gifted bottle being thrown into the trash either. On the contrary, no one will have the heart to dump it thereby keeping the brand and logo alive in the mind of the consumer for years.

There is no particular time or season connected with drinking the life giving fluid either. True, summers are thirsty times and the product is likely to be appreciated a trifle more but reminding the kids to stay hydrated all through the year can be a great message to spread along with the name of the company that had this brilliant brain wave of handing out superior quality water bottles printed with colorful messages as well as the company logo.

There is absolutely no need to make rounds of a printer’s agency while trying to get the message printed on the bottles either. Technology has taken care of it completely with the advent of digital printing. It is now possible to print only on a small quantity of water bottles utilizing the right colors and graphics thus ensuring that the message goes across most convincingly.

There is no dearth of colors when one needs to customize the water bottles today. While a number of exciting colors can be used to perfection on plastic bottles, the steel or glass bottles can also be embossed with a fitting message making room for accomodating the brand name and logo as well.