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It can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the type of limo, and how many are required. The season can have an impact on pricing too. The prices can be higher in the spring due to more weddings, proms and graduations than in other months.2. Reserve in Advance,Westchester Limo, Westchester Limo Services, Westchester Wedding Limo, white plains limo, white plains limo service, white plains wedding limo, westchester limo rental, westchester party bus, limo westchester ny

Don't wait until the last minute to book your limo. You have a ton of research to do before hiring a limo so you'll need to shop around. If you wait, you'll risk having to hire a sub par limo service and chauffeur. Make your reservation at least six months in advance to get the best rates and cars available.3. How to ResearchTo find the best limo service with a proven record of dependable service and good customer relations, you can find reviews online. Not only do you want to check reviews of the company you hire, but if there are negative or slightly unhappy reviews, you want to see the company's response. If they respond promptly with apologies and remedies to the situation, this is a company that will go beyond for your wedding, so don't let a negative review sway you without all the facts.4. QuotesYou're not necessarily looking for the cheapest quote, but the one that meets your needs within the budget you laid out in advance. You'll want to rent the limo for at least three hours to ensure that the limo will be waiting for you after the event. Weddings can run long and don't always start on time either. Find out the company's pricing structure and what each kind of limo costs.5. Licensed and InsuredLimo drivers need a special license and every vehicle in the fleet needs a certificate of insurance or bond to pick up and transport passengers commercially. The vehicles should have inspection reports to ensure that they are safe. Ask if the company is willing to show you the proper licensing and insurance information.6. Inspect the Vehicles yonkers limo, bronx limo, http://dreamlimony.com/services/night-limo-service/ armonk limo, port chester limo, yonkers limo service, bronx limo service, yonkers prom limo, westchester prom limo, westchester limo services, westchester prom limo, westchester limo rental.

The limo that's transporting you and your family to the event needs to be impeccable. It should be clean both inside and out. The way the drivers care for the vehicle indicates the pride they have in their job. Not only do you want to inspect the vehicles, but you should see the type of limos in person to decide on the kind you need.7. ContractOnce you've done your research, chosen a company and a limo, make sure you get the contract in writing. This is to make sure there are no problems or miscommunication later. You'll have your contract in hand in case of disputes over pricing too.This is an important day, and you want a limo company that will treat this as the special event that it is. Don't skimp on the time you allow for choosing a company and a vehicle. Do your research and find the perfect limo.