Which Stock Markets Have Soared By Double-digit Percentages In 2014?

With that, here are four top-performing global stock markets that have generated at least double-digit percentage gains in 2014. 1. Market Vectors Egypt (EGPT) - up 20.18% The Rothchilds family famously advised: "It's best to invest when there is blood in the streets." By that standard, Egypt is the place to be. The country's economy has been racked by political unrest ever since the "Arab Spring" ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak three years ago. The most recent protests focused on the ousted President Mohammed Morsi. At the same time, the news is improving. Egypt's interim government just announced a 33.9 billion Egyptian pound, or $4.87 billion, stimulus package financed by the United Arab Emirates. Perhaps that explains in part the recent chart-topping performance of the Market Vectors Egypt Index ETF (EGPT), which has gained 20.18% year-to-date, even as the MSCI Emerging Markets Index is down 7.12% so far this year.

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auto sales figures will be announced, drawing concerns about the impact of the harsh winter that has pummeled the United States. American automakers General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM ) and Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F ) are hoping for positive news from analysts. According to Edmunds.com, auto sales were up 0.8% in February.