Which Starcraft 2 Race Should I Play?

loading-dudes-transparent.gifWars between major countries are no longer fought on the high seas, or on land with vast armies, but in board rooms and markets. It's now economic warfare that threatens to alter the global landscape, enriching the winners and creating hardship for free online drone training losers.

When the Starport is complete, start creating Vikings. Make sure to create more Supply Depots as needed. Use the Orbital Command to scan out your opponent's defense, army, and the location of his workers (SCVs, free online drone training, and Probes). Take 4-6 Vikings and attack the workers on the enemy's supply line. While this is happening, be sure to be creating more Vikings. If your opponent starts to attack your base, finish up his workers before return to defend. If you have a second base and your opponent doesn't, go ahead and end his economy by destroying his Nexus, Hatchery, or Command Center.

Of course in review of the Trevor Types of the world, they must understand that it takes time to get out in the water on a jet ski from a Life Guard booth. The person drowning has most likely already taken in water if rough surf or waves and is chocking and drowning and could slip under the water meaning the Jet Ski when if finally does get there could knock them in the head rather than rescue them. In the chaos of a rescue this is a common occurrence. Sending out a flotation device by air makes sense and the technology already exists and is relatively in expensive. The UAV flying flotation device is easy to build, cheap to make and re-useable.

Vantage points. I'll cover this more in unmanned aerial systems my strategies guide but a brief overview is important for this section. A vantage point is a place you can easily defend yourself. Usually on a hill with very few entrances but with a nice secluded escape route. You always want to control the vantage points before the opponent does.

Communicate with your team. Communication is key in all first person shooters, and will win you many games if done right. Try calling out where you see an enemy, and warn your team about them instead of saying nothing.

Don't travel with your group if you are running as stealth. Running with allies is okay until a firefight comes up, then go ahead and do a quick flank to clean them out from behind. (This is where the majority of my kills come from). Many won't bother to think of flanking so you may very well have a clear path for an easy double or triple.

They want their children to have everything in life. The children might become "successful" and make money, but there is no guarantee that they will be happy in life. There is no guarantee that they will have fulfilling relationships with others. There is no gene for that.

Visuals in FlatOut are basic and looks like it fits the content well. There are allot of track objects to hit in each location, putting them to use would be a good idea. FlatOut features below average music that one should not be forced to listen to. A.I. in FlatOut refuses to lose, even if you have a big lead it will find a way to pass you. Overall this game is okay, FlatOut makes for a good rental.