Where Speedsters Rule The Roost

Red Bull racing driver keeps on demonstrating this season he's no rival in conditions to prevent him. At Monza he clinched the eighth victory of the season and increased the gap over No. 2 to 112 points.??That inside 14th race of year defending champion, Sebastian Vettel, could have the opportunity to revalidate his title resumes his superiority among the rest. With eight victories in 13 races along with a 112-point lead over his closest rival, Spaniard Fernando Alonso, the 24-year-old German driver's championship is imminent, and will turn him into the youngest F1 race winner to clinch back-to-back titles.????

Phoenix Racing has grabbed Kurt Busch believing she has the willpower to tap back into that potential. After messy fallouts with all the Penske and Roush-Fenway stock car racing teams, Busch believes that neither team really lived as much as their CACUOCVN unique potential. So with Phoenix, headed by James Finch, Busch joins a close-knit crew that loves to rejoice, loves to win, and can spend whatever it takes for his new star. The best part about Phoenix Racing is the benefit for an alliance with Hendrick Motorsports, meaning they manage to get thier cars and motors. Add that that the Kurt's the superior dog with the team and you've got yourself some instant chemistry.

Shawn "Shawn" Spencer (played by James Roday). Yes, he's the fake psychic who works with the Santa Barbara Police Department. And yes, those uber policemen who're expected to use their brains actually believe the dude is a true psychic (with the exception of Lassie). However weird and stupid the badge wearers have grown to be, it is still admirable how Roday gives justice to Shawn Spencer's character. Not only does he uses subtle finesse in delivering his comic lines, but his tremendous charm actually makes Shawn Spencer seem like they can get away with anything -- and in most cases, he does.

Despite looking to backtrack on his words through his Twitter account after realizing the impact of his title claims, posting that his "team won't ever stop trying and I won't throw in the towel!", the statistics did the job alone for Hamilton. This championship is pretty much over for him, but McLaren in addition to their fans have their pride whilst still being are interested in Hamilton fighting just as if there have been options to clinch title.

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