Where should I live in Nashville?

Asker's rating & commentMove to the western subburbs, you will get the most for your money while still being close to Nashville. I live about 45 minutes south of the city, where for 250000 you can still buy a big house with a couple of acres if you want a horse or something. If the http://getyourmemphisdreamhome.com/luxury-horse-farms-for-sale/Hickory-Withe-TN-Small-Horse-Farms-For-Sale/233/most-effective-help-and-preeminent-evaluations.html - Equestrian Property For Sale Hickory Withe TN - downtown lifestyle is more to your liking there are nice condos for sell in downtown, just dont plan on having kids there as http://getyourmemphisdreamhome.com/luxury-horse-farms-for-sale/Hickory-Withe-TN-Small-Horse-Farms-For-Sale/233/most-effective-help-and-preeminent-evaluations.html - Horse Farms For Sale Hickory Withe TN - the schools are aweful and there is nothing for little kids to do.Western suburbs. Sounds good. What cities are in the western suburbs?