When Your Stomach Hates You

It is a vicious cycle. If my weight starts to drop, my digestive fluids are attacking me and an episode will follow shortly. This condition happened to me because I had my gall badder removed years ago. I am neither of those. It is accompanied by inflammation of your stomach.I found out I had Bile Reflux Disease by having an endoscopy performed. There are many people I know who live perfectly happy lives without this tiny robin's egg blue organ. The first time this happened to me, it scared my family to pieces because you double over with every bite you take. However, I do not get to be one of those people. I am not a very big person to begin with. You can also develop Bile Reflux Disease from having Gastric Bypass surgery or peptic ulcers. According to the Mayo Clinic it is caused when bile from your small intestine back flows into your stomach. Though http://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-30/zofran/details - http://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-30/zofran/details - I have a great partner, who tries to understand what I am going through. Which I would recommend to anyone experiencing the same symptoms. in nothing flat is not uncommon. Hence, an emergency room visit shortly followed. Or you can go to : www.bilerefluxdisease-projecthope.webs.com/ where I can chat better with you. . There are support groups for people with GERD, but I have yet to run into another person suffering from Bile Reflux Disease. I was told they do this to monitor my digestive levels in my pancreas. If you are unfortunate to be a tiny person like me, you get many people calling you anorexic or bulimic. However, when I mention that I have Bile Reflux Disease, the eyebrows raise, and then a barrage of questions follow in pursuit of their curiosity to know exactly what this is. With Bile reflux, you feel every bite hit your stomach. Most of the time you don't really have anyone to talk to about this. To me it is http://zofranrecallcenter.com/ - zofran birth defects toes - a physical nightmare plagued with pain, days off from work, loved ones looking at you with hopeless concern, and my favorite (and I mean this with complete sarcasm) a barrage of doctor visits mostly plagued at some point with the feeling the doctor doesn't believe you. However, there is no cure. Life style changes are not very helpful either. Frequent Heartburn: You feel it all over your stomach. I would love to start a support group. I had to go on my computer, look it up, and learn for myself. There is just management. It is a gnawing, burning sensation that does not go away. 3. Unintended Weight Loss : This is the most devastating one in my opinion. Then I have to do it all over again. If your doctor does diagnose you, I would also recommend applying for FMLA through the company you work for. Up means I am progressing and my medicines are working. This is because you will miss work from having episodes, doctor visits, and so forth. It is real, and for the most part is life altering. 2. I do not have my gall bladder to store digestive fluids from my liver. If left untreated, the bile can cause ulcers in your stomach, it can lead to cancer in your stomach, pancreatitis, and so forth. It was depressing for me to sit in my doctor's office a year ago and be told that they can't fix this yet. This does not happen to everyone who has had their gall bladder removed. Symptoms of Bile Reflux Disease are very simple and short. You see he told me I had it, but didn't really explain what it was. Just so people like myself can vent our feelings about this condition. 1. When my gastric doctor first told me I had it, I wasn't sure what it was. That surgery usually is not successful. Vomiting Bile: If you do throw up, there is no content to it, just greenish yellow bile that burns. Their symptoms though similar, are not the same. Your doctor will then prescribe medications to contain and lessen the symptoms. It is a fight I have to monitor with a weight scale daily. This can be very dangerous for me, and weakens my body. This for me causes my stomach to go into violent spasms. It takes months to regain what I can before the next episode hits me. The numbers are not high compared to people diagnosed with GERD. It still isn't the same as speaking to someone else who is suffering the same things. For the most part we notice we swallow, but after that we are already chewing the next bite. Nausea: Everyone feels sick to their stomach at some point. Though changing certain things in your eating habits might lessen the symptoms, it does not cure them.A good online reference to read about Bile Reflux Disease is located on the Mayo Clinic website. Everything we eat we tend not to pay attention to as we swallow. However with Bile Reflux Disease, you are sick to your stomach all the time. Occasional coughing or Hoarseness5. Think of it like when we were kids and the neighborhood boys would have fun punching each other in the stomach. Be prepared to have lots of blood work done on occasion as well. Unfortunately if you start throwing up, you can't stop, and your stomach is already in spasms.4. For me to drop 20 lbs. However each one packs a powerful punch on your body. Therefore do not think that this condition is exclusive to people without gall bladders. Many people in general conversation will acknowledge GERD or Acid Reflux Disease