When it rains it pours.Then comes the flowers..

Have you ever just had one of those days??
Well, I have had one of those months!
At the beginning of the month my brother-n-law had two grand-mal seziures and two strokes. Then a week later died, a week later his memorial, another week later a really good friend died. His memorial is within the next week.
During all this I have come to realize that I haven't been taking care of myself in feeding and watering my body. Sure, I am losing weight, but at what cost? Today I decided to set down and begin to write in my journal what things I am doing to keep me healthy. I haven't been thinking at all about me and I know that could of lead to some really bad things happening to me.
I am beginning to look at myself as a flower that needs it's food and watering to grow healthy and strong while losing the extra weight. I am a rose with torns that hurt and leaves reaching out for the warm sun light looking for good soil to grow in. Get the Watering can out and the Fertilizer of food and weight lose here I come. To be able to be there for my family.
I am down almost 100 pounds and am feeling a whole lot better being able to walk mostly without my walker now. It seems like a dream! I haven't been this weight for over 15 years. It is weird to be this weight. My brain keeps seeing me as heavier. It wasn't until I actually walked out of a pair of my pants that I really thought of checking my measurements. My first pair of pants I am going to hold onto for the before and after picture.
I am so looking toward the 100 pound mark! To think it can be here in as short as a week away.WOW! Look out world here comes the flowers!!