What to Consider When Meeting Exhaust Fluid Needs

An essential aspect of managing any business that uses diesel engine vehicles or machinery is diesel exhaust fluid. The fluid is used as part of the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that controls the emissions of toxic gases. The system was developed by vehicle manufacturers to meet emissions standards for 2010. By treating diesel fuel byproducts after they leave the engine, fuel economy is not sacrificed for cleaner air.

Quality of Fluid

The quality and purity level of the chosen fluid used makes a substantial difference in total performance. The fluid is injected to turn filtered fuel into ammonia. The ammonia is finally transformed into nitrogen which is released as tiny water droplets. peak antifreeze -quality product will diminish efficiency and may result in non-compliance. One of the purest brands, BlueDEF, is available for delivery via a nationwide system to suit the needs of any business size.

Maintaining Purity

Exhaust fluid has one flaw that needs to be considered when managing a fleet of trucks, a few trucks, or heavy machinery. The product is corrosive to metals. Storing fluid, transferring it into a portable container, and pumping it through regular hoses will cause a host of problems. hdplayer is that the containers and accessories will degrade fast and require frequent replacing. This will be time-consuming and expensive.

Another problem is that particles from the corroding metal will compromise the purity of the fluid. This is a waste of money spent on high-quality fluid. It will also result in higher fuel costs, more maintenance for the SCR, and more downtime for vehicles. The solution is a simple one. Some companies that deliver exhaust fluid also offer a variety of DEF Equipment and special DEF Pumps.

End to End Solutions

Commercial and industrial divisions provide a wide range of products and accessories to suit the needs of all types of businesses. himedia h8 octa core , mini-bulk systems, large outdoor storage tanks, and in-ground tanks are all options. Pumps, hoses, wheeled carts, and containers with pumps built-in make tending to needs of smaller lots easy and affordable. Comprehensive services save business managers time, money, and work, leaving them to focus on several tasks included in the job description.


There are only a few companies with the experience and capacity to offer fluid and complete systems needed to maintain the purity of the product. Research will not take long but is important to the success of the final system. Seek a company that has been manufacturing fluid for decades to benefit from years of innovation and development.