What This Stock Bull Market Needs To Live A 6th Year

Of those, only half of them made it to a fifth birthday, according to Sam Stovall, chief equity analyst at S&P Capital IQ, in a recent note. After that, the list gets halved again for those making it to a sixth birthday. Those bull markets include the 7-year bull market that ended in August 1956, the 6-year bull market that ended in November 1980, and the nearly 10-year-old bull market that ended in March 2000. Those go-go days of the 1990s bull market, which ended in the Internet bust, fattened nest eggs with an S&P 500 gain of over 400%. The history is tantalizing, particularly for investors still repairing the damage from the last bear market and a concurrent housing market collapse. Heres what this bull market needs to do to make it to its sixth birthday, says Stovall: U.S. economic growth needs to ramp up and reach 3% by the end of 2014 supported by gains in auto sales and housing.

Encouraging report on US jobs lifts stock market

The winter storms died down last week, so this data is the first "clean" reading on the economy. The figures for weekly unemployment claims coming up over the next several weeks will be the freshest data investors will have, strategists said. "We won't get a clean reading on the economy until we get through this bad weather," said Quincy Krosby, a market strategist at Prudential Financial. Expectations for the February job numbers are low. Economists expect that employers added 145,000 jobs last month and that the unemployment rate held steady at 6.6 percent. Before the bad winter weather hit much of the country starting in December, the U.S.