What Skipjack Is - And What it is Perhaps not


So, most people still wondering that who is Skipjack anyway well virtually all men and women could realize would be that Mr. Skip Jack is an unknown scientist, electronics expert in stuck software and hardware as well as robotics & a futurist science fiction scientist. So actually, who's Skipjack? Is he a famous actor? Is he a hacker? Maybe Mr. Skip Jack is a billionaire? or perhaps is he Satoshi's friend? is he a next Einstein? I am sure Mr. Skip Jack is nuclear for Cryptocurrency.


Though the goal of Mr. Skip Jack is to create a is changing the planet through creating a money revolution so perhaps he can produce even larger compared to bitcoin?

Skip Jack's life.

Mr. Skipjack lose his parents when he was 5 years old in 1980's, which in addition, he being used by a poor family. for 5 years after in 1985, he has began to help his adopted family works by sharing a waiter that his adopted family business is a family restaurant. 1 day, he attempted on doing something totally new on improving the parents business of his by drawing in additional customer which one of the tricks for Mr. Skip Jack to draw in customer is by offering them no cost services on massages, food discount voucher, and etc. so for around six weeks of what Mr. Skipjack along his family were in a position to attract a lot of consumer which that are competent to make them survive at least per month but Mr. Skipjack has not given up which he thinking on attempting to follow another part time job through like, sales marketing, shopkeeper, and etc. generally there for he has to work hard as he was ten years of age for him and also his family in a position to make it through and get rich.


based on re-search Mr. Skipjack are expected that in the upcoming future there will be 5 technologies which changes bitcoin in future which it will explain below:

1. Ethereum (ETH)

The difference between "Ethereum and bitcoin are primarily from the program which in turn Ethereum is an open decentralized software platform while bitcoin using services and fees to pay (Crypto Daily, 2018)".

2. Ripple (XRP)

Based on re-search about that Ripple (XRP) has been "considered by a number of company to be the bitcoin's successor which it's catching on among banks like a global payment and remittance system (Crypto Daily, 2018)".

3. encryp currency (LTC)

Litecoin is a peer to peer Cryptocurrency and also the open source software project which was released under MIT/X11 License.

4. Dash (DASH)

Dash coin "differs from the other's coin which it concentrates on security as well as the anonymity on the transaction. it is likewise running through a two tiered system involving through a system of decentralized who sign the deals (Crypto Daily, 2018)".


The very last technological innovation which will change bitcoin in future is IOTA which IOTA "is a "next development of the blockchain" and also 1 of essentially the most recent competitor that it increases rapidly through the world of cryptocurrency (Crypto Daily, 2018)".


So, determined by re-search that Mr. Skip Jack has been discovered that this top five technologies is changing the bitcoin in the coming years ahead. so, for the conclusion, the program of his is going to be creating a thing that will be surpassing all the cryptocurrency down the road ahead.