What's Your Investment Strategy?

Value investors will typically study the fundamentals of a company, such as its growth rates, balance sheet, profit margins, and so on. They may favor a stock such as fertilizer company CF Industries, with its forward P/E ratio below 7 and promising prospects, given our planet's growing population that will need to be fed. Growth investing: This involves focusing on fast-growing companies . It can be riskier than value investing, as some growth stocks can be seen as overvalued and many offer little or no margin of safety.

Corporate Earnings Up 46% YOY for This Global Auto Stock

To be successful over the long term, you need to have a comprehensive investment strategy that takes into account your goals and risk parameters. Having said all of that, at the end of the day, Im looking for a company that has both an attractive valuation and the ability to increase corporate earnings at a rate above market expectations. One way to develop an investment strategy is to look at the factors driving corporate earnings for a specific industry and individual company. A great example is the automotive sector and Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Some strategies for investing safely in preferred stocks

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