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The more variety you include in your workout programme, the more you'll gain. Try a reverse grip Don't overlook using a reverse grip when performing bent-over rows as well. This particular grip will have you placing far more emphasis on the bicep muscle compared to just the back as the standard grip does. This is also a great way to change the stress-loading pattern on the back muscles. Click here to read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/fitness/Whats-a-man-without-muscle/articleshow/22063941.cms

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Fisher, James. "Beware the Meta-Analysis: Is Multiple Set Training Really Better than Single Set Training for Muscle Hypertrophy?" Journal of Exercise Physiology Online. 2012 December; 15(6):23-30. Krieger, JW. Click here to read more: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/build-muscle-fast-strength-size-091551915.html?pt=BureoF4GVB?date50450705

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If your body is engaged for more than sixty minutes, then it will start to release cortisol. Cortisol blocks testosterone, which causes less efficiency during workouts. If you keep your workouts under sixty minutes, you will reap the rewards of your efforts faster and enjoy the benefits of your hard work. For success in building muscle, carbohydrates are essential. Carbs give your body the fuel it needs to do the exercise you have to do every day. Click here to read more: http://www.pressbox.co.uk/CityNews/You_Have_Good_Tips_About_Muscle_Building_Right_Here__1482360.html