What Not to Do! How to Be a Bad Business Analyst

Nobody would like to do a lousy job, but sadly not all of BA's impress their customers.

If you do not need to become a lousy business analyst, here are a couple of things which you should really avoid.

3 - Saying "yes" to each request from the business.

It's actually important to obey the business, however we're Analysts, maybe not Dictaphones.

Our job would be to place ourselves in the shoes of the Stakeholders - we all will need to comprehend their existing practices and their vision of their future. What causes you to stand above the pack will be to truly question the want list, promote lateral thinking and make sure both you and also the stakeholder know the worth of each requirement you catch.

2 - Taking the "I'm a bridge between the business and IT" analogy a bit too far.

It's necessary that the BA is your major point of contact between the Business and IT, but in the event that you truly want your programmers to comprehend the way they're building - allow the Developer and the Business have a dialogue with no constantly being there.

We ought to be easing communication and stimulating thoughts - maybe not being street blocks.

1 - Being a know everything.

There's not anything worse than the BA who understands it all, does not actually talk with all the business and also makes people feel uneasy for questioning "their requirements". Not listening to this business and writing requirements is your very best way to render a very long and lasting poor heritage!!

Implementing a new system is a tricky time for any business enterprise, jobs are lost, modifications are introduced and everybody is under lots of pressure to get stuff right. Be skeptical of the challenges your stakeholders are confronting- aid extract their needs and actually work hard to understand why they want them.

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