What More Powerful Tubes Offer to Laser Cutter and Engraver Owners

50 watt co2 laser tube are thinking about investing into laser cutting and engraving equipment. Machines like these can enable small companies to offer services that would formerly have been the sole province of far larger competitors.

Given that such devices have become so affordable, it can easily make sense to move forward with such a purchase. Particularly for those who take care to become informed about all the most important considerations, producing impressive returns on an investment into a laser machine can easily be possible. One of the most significant of these details is the power rating associated with particular configurations, a subject that is easy to come up to speed with.

Power Determines Two Important Aspects of Overall Capability

The vast majority of laser-based machines that are aimed at this end of the market incorporate laser tubes that are responsible for doing some of the most important associated work. When electricity is applied to such a tube, a carefully blended assortment of gases inside cooperate to emit photons that can be focused after they exit on the other side.

All such components are rated to consumer certain amounts of power, and laser tube prices generally reflect this figure. More powerful tubes will allow a particular device to perform at a higher level in two significant respects:

Maximum material thickness. A laser can only burn through so much material at a given level of power. All else being equal, a tube rated for higher power consumption will be able to handle thicker materials than another. Whereas 50w co2 laser tube that might only need to cut quarter-inch planks of wood could make do with a tube of relatively modest rating, one where much thicker materials must be sliced through could benefit from specifying a 150w laser tube, instead.

Speed. The other way by which a more powerful tube will excel is at being able to cut or engrave more quickly. A 100 watt CO2 laser tube might be able to produce several times the output, over time, compared to one of a significantly lower rating. For a business where a laser machine could otherwise become a bottleneck, investing into a higher rated tube can easily pay off.

Customizing a Machine to Best Suit a Given Shop's Requirements

Issues like these will always be important to consider when buying a replacement tube for an existing machine. As some manufacturers now allow their clients to specify particular tube ratings when initially buying devices, it can pay for first-time purchasers to look into the subject, as well.