What makes cars luxurious?

We know of luxurious cars and probably a few of their features but have you ever asked yourself a question like why are these cars luxurious? Well the answer just doesn't lie on their prices which are usually higher than usual or their exquisite appearance which makes them stand out on a parking lot. These luxurious car are driven innovation to utmost stardom with some of the most sophisticated technologies that otherwise seem impossible. They are cars that can hear you speak and respond to you as per your wish. Well, that is just but a feature but there are many more features that make luxurious cars are what they are as far as their performance and speed are concerned.There were times when the 4WD would make a car luxurious but not anymore. Consumer landscape has driven car makers to come up with some of the most extravagant features thanks to the fastest growing technological era. Regardless of the climate or weather outside most cars can have their motorists modify climate automatically just by a push of a button. The cutting edge technology in this feature is that the driver can just speak to the car and the AC sets to say 10 degrees centigrade. Moreover there can be an automatic set up through program software in the vehicle such that the car "atmosphere" is auto-regulated without anyone doing a thing.A driver in a modern day luxurious car can now focus fully on his/her driving task fully while making various adjustments to cruise controls or audio features. This is a built in feature in steering wheels. There is also the moon roof which adjusts occasionally to allow in light when there is sunlight and moonlight. This feature is usually well placed with the Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) which are covered in a fabric material tinted to also regulate airflow. The interior of the car parts Ireland is made to be easily the most comfortable with a fresh environment for its occupants. Luxurious upholstery like comfortable fabric and expensive leather seats is also another form of sophistication. In fact sitting in a luxury car is now more comfortable than in most middle class living rooms.Drivers can now adjust their seats in any of the six directions desired with a simple effort. Seat angles can be regulated to march one's comfort whereas cushion heights can also be inclined differently. Entertainment in cars has also seen surround sound music systems that can me independently controlled by remote control, computer or a phone. Most luxurious cars come with their in-built phones with keypads and have a capability to call and send messages. GPS functions enable the drive to locate places through internet connection making it impossible to lose your way at any one time. Some luxurious cars also come with radar or radar technology which enables them to avert any possible collisions and help them move in traffic without any control from the driver. They also have heated steering wheels which help warm the driver's palm in cold weather. href='http://car.ezinemark.com/what-makes-cars-luxurious-7d392c40189d.html' - http://car.ezinemark.com/what-makes-cars-luxurious-7d392c40189d.html -