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Hypocrisy, Apathy, Blame... Or Morals, Communication, Responsibility?Keeping Our Kids Safe - Each community must have a serious discussion NOW about school security in their local areas that includes guns, violence and disasters. What are the parent's responsibilities, what should teachers and school administrators be providing?Looking back over the past week at the horrific mass murder of 20 young children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and wanting to make some sense of this tragedy, many of us have had our own grieving to do. Many of us also helped others with their grieving process. Teachers, community advocacy groups and families will face similar situations in the coming weeks.Keeping kids safe is not just a parent's number one priority; it should be the priority of the entire community. Appropriately, there is a widespread call for sensible gun regulation, improved mental health treatment and reducing the culture of violence in America.We believe the nation must successfully address and resolve those issues if we are to even hope to bring an end to the string of nearly three dozen mass shootings, over the past decade in the United States! There is no perfect solution, but there are certainly steps that can be taken to make schools safer for our children, who deserve to be able to go to school free of worry about their well-being.Every school should review its safety plan, find ways to improve it, and regularly conduct safety drills. From all reports, a good number of lives were saved at Sandy Hook Elementary School because the school had a good safety plan and teachers effectively, and in some cases heroically carried out that plan.Some schools could be redesigned, new schools could be designed to create improved safety features, by adding; double-door front entryway, install bulletproof or wire-mesh windows and doors, multiple locks to classroom doors. The bottom line is that following the unspeakable tragedy, each community owes it to itself and its young people to have a serious discussion about school security.None of these ideas will work, if you are not willing to spend time with each one of your kids to teach them about life in this new modern day world and the rising up of the new digital generation. A great way to do this would be to start with the list below.Guide For Helping Kids Cope with Disasters and Violence: 15 Tips For Parents!When disasters, both natural and man-made occur, parents are faced with the challenge of discussing tragic events with their children. Although these might be difficult conversations, they are important and necessary. Always remember, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to talk to your child about traumatic events. However, here are a few tips that you might find helpful:Remain calm and reassuring - create an environment where children will feel comfortable asking questions. Always answer a child's questions truthfully with simple answers. You don't need to go into more detail than necessary, but lying to your children or making up facts will ultimately confuse them. Eventually, when find out the truth about what happened, they may struggle with trusting you in the future.You may be asked to repeat your answers several times. Be consistent in your reply, and realize that your repetitive answers are reassuring your child's "need to know" and building upon their sense of security.Children often feel out of control when disasters occur. Keeping with a familiar routine is very important when trying to reestablish the security of feeling in control.If your child asks a question that you do not know the answer to, it's ok to say "I don't know."Acknowledge and normalize your child's thoughts feelings and reactions. Help children understand why they feel this way.Encourage kids to talk about disaster related events on their terms. Never force a child to ask a question or to talk about an incident until he/she is ready.Reassure your child that many people out there are helping those who are hurting. You may want to let your child make a card for someone who is suffering. Giving to those in need of support allows a child to feel like he/she can make a difference in helping out with a terrible situation.Keep your child away from watching news stations and listening to radio where the disaster is being discussed and replayed. Sensationalizing the events that have occurred will only upset and confuse your child further.Promote positive coping and problem solving skills. Remember - You are your child's coping instructor. Your children are very interested to how your respond to local and national events. They also may be listening to every word you say when you discuss these events with other adults.Emphasize children's resiliency. Fortunately, most children, even those who are exposed to trauma, are quite resilient.Children who are preoccupied with questions and concerns about safety should be evaluated by a trained mental health professional. If your child suffers from sleep disturbances, anxiety, recurring fears about death, or severe separation anxiety from parents, contact your school counselor and/or pediatrician.Strengthen friendship and peer support and foster supportive relationships-There is strength in numbers!Take care of your own needs. In order to be there for others, you have to take care of yourself.Advanced preparation and immediate response will help with healing and coping. All schools have safety plans in place that are continually being evaluated and updated. Explain to your child that this is a good thing.Always Remember: You are your http://thedailygenre.com - Digital Generation - child's coping instructor!Getting to the root of our nation's problem is pretty simple it starts with apathy! When tragedy strikes we the viewing public all of a sudden start to review everything that could be wrong. Below is a list of things that are wrong.What Is Wrong:Is Our Declining Moral FabricPoor CommunicationLack Of ResponsibilityNO Accountability and...WINNING At Any Cost!Children are being taught to succeed no matter what the cost, or who you have to ruin getting there... It's Just Business RIGHT?!Hollywood promotes gun violence, gossip, hearsay and rumors and make heroes out of people that are really not true hero's they are just making tons of money with this type of media formula. Then they're the first in-line to say we need gun laws; teens are out of control and where are the parents, etc.Check out below, the conclusion to this article: Watching TV, playing video games, listening to music and surfing the Internet has become a full-time job for the typical American child," and when everyone gets a RE-Start or new life... then what makes us think that our kids understand the consequences of using guns in the real world... Bang, Bang your DEAD... 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