what is the technical definition of "hot water"?

Sorry, but there is no legal definition. The ideal way to establish a legal case would be to uncover court circumstances with related conditions and see how the court ruled. For purposes of making a logical argument, here are a couple of issues to think about: 90-95 degrees is warm adequate for a comfortably warm shower ㌬ degrees is about the right temperature for a typical hot shower, ㌬-105 is the standard temperature of a hot tub or hot bath. ㌶ is a Pretty hot bath/shower but can be tolerated just after you get utilized to it, but it would hurt at very first ㍀ is considered the maximum temperature that will not scald the skin, and for that cause its usually the advised maximum - - temperature to set your hot water heater to. Your hot water heater ought to be able to make water at 120 degrees and when you account for it loosing some heat by way of the pipes while it travels to faucet, I wouldn't accept something less then - - one hundred degrees comming out of the faucet. https://support.inventorybase.com/forums/150485-general-support-forum/suggestions/5748814-v1-8-2-ui-issues - apartment property inspection software -