What is the medical term for a machine that tells your blood pressure?

1) "A sphygmomanometer ( /?sf??mo?m?'n?m?t?r/ sfig-moh-m?-nom-i-t?r) or blood pressure meter is a device used to measure blood pressure, composed of an inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow, and a mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the pressure. It is always used in conjunction with a means to determine at what pressure blood flow is just starting, and at what pressure it is unimpeded. Manual sphygmomanometers are used in conjunction with a stethoscope.The word comes from the Greek sphygm (pulse), plus the scientific term manometer (pressure meter). The device was invented by Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter von Basch in 1881. Scipione Riva-Rocci introduced a more easily used version in 1896. In 1901, Harvey Cushing modernized the device and popularized it within the medical community.A sphygmomanometer consists of an inflatable cuff, a measuring unit (the mercury manometer, or aneroid gauge), and inflation bulb and valve, for manual instruments."2) Modern medical devices are also able to monitor your blood pressure, or they can also actually tell you your blood pressure (not just display it).You could use a "talking blood pressure monitor":"Talking Digital Arm BP Monitor tells your Blood Pressure in English or Spanish"Source and further information:http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vZdWGZxD1jMJ:www.diseasedirectory.net/x/disease/Talking%2BDigital%2BBlood%2BPressure%2BMonitors.aspx+%22tells+your+blood+pressure%22cd=13hl=enct=clnk href='http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/2496486' - http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/2496486 -