what is the meaning of holistic healing?

Holistic healing is a theory of Like curse Like. A good example is the Smallpox. This was a horrible disease that killed many people. Cowpox http://www.americantowns.com/ny/brooklyn/organization/amita-holistic-healing-center - Homeopathic Store - is similar. So by giving ourselves a small does of cowpox (vaccine), we have gotten ride of Smallpox. Homeopathy was discovered by Samual Hahnemann is the late 18th century. After medical school he saw that most of the medical problems in Europe were due to malnutrition, & low hygiene. At that time doctors would have you on 5-10 medications, then give you a bleeding! George Washington died of the common cold. In a 2 day period he was given 6 toxic meds, and bled 3 times! He should have been given vitamins, rest & Aconite (A holistic medicine). The medical profession doesn't like homeopathy because you don't need prescriptions. What https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/brooklyn-ny/1332018820-amita-holistic-healing-center - Homeopathy Effective - Hahnemann, and other figured out how to cure Malaria. With Malaria you get a high fever, sick, and die.

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He used Cinchona bark (I think an Egyptian cure) in small diluted doses to give the patient a fever, in turn the body will produce (what ever) to fight http://www.americantowns.com/ny/brooklyn/organization/amita-holistic-healing-center - Medicine - it. This in turn will fight the Malaria. Holistic medicine treats the whole body, were Allopothy (what you call a Dr.) fights the result of the problem. The headache, the fever, etc. "Dr. my back hurts". "Take these pain kills, and forget it". "Dr. I have a fever" "Take tylenol, sleep, and lots of fluids". How insane is that? If your body is fighting an infection, why treat the symptoms? Why not give your body the tools to fight. They are just now willing to talk about the benefits of vitamin C. Mega-dosing C when sick (4-6000mg day) will wipe a cold out!