What Is Hepatitis? How Is It Treated? Is It Curable?

Hepatitis can be detected by a simple blood test obtained by a healthcare provider. This blood test will determine if an individual has the actual disease, been exposed to the disease, is a carrier of the disease, etc. If you have questions, Hepatitis Help Nashville Tennessee is a website that provides education, guidance and information on hepatitis treatment centers in the Nashville area. Hepatitis C Central is another website that provides information on hepatitis as well as offer support groups to individuals with hepatitis C who live in Nashville Tennessee. Is hepatitis curable? Many conventional healthcare providers do not believe hepatitis is curable because it is a virus. They may administer drugs to slow down the viral progression of this disease to prevent liver failure, cirrhosis, etc. Incivek is an oral drug prescribed by conventional healthcare providers to treat chronic hepatitis C and Entecavir is an oral drug prescribed to treat chronic hepatitis B. Interferon is drug given as a subcutaneous injection to treat Hepatitis C. Some alternative healthcare providers disagree with the theory that viruses are incurable and treat hepatitis with natural vitamins and herb. understanding http://www.examiner.com/article/what-is-viral-hepatitis-how-is-it-treated-and-is-it-curable