What is a CPAP Machine and What is it Used for by Helene Glasper

CPAP machines, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machines, are commonly referred to as sleep apnea machines. Of the industrys purported sleep apnea cures, CPAP machines are the most common and often believed to be the most effective treatment for sleep apnea. CPAP machines are also used to treat coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart failure. Additionally, doctors use CPAP machines to treat mixed sleep apnea, which is a combination of obstructive and central sleep apnea. Positive airway pressure is a method of respiratory ventilation. CPAP machines work by increasing air pressure in a patients throat so that the airway does not collapse when the patient inhales. The patient wears either a mask or prongs that fit into the nose. The mask or prongs are attached to a hose, which in turn is attached to an air pump that is typically housed in a case lined with sound absorbing materials. There are a few different variations, to this, and adjustments can be made for comfort.
Treating sleep apnea is extremely important. CPAP machines have been very effective for both severe and moderate sleep apnea. Patients usually notice a decrease in daytime sleepiness, and patients with coronary artery disease who use CPAP for sleep apnea are less likely to have heart problems- the worst of which being heart failure. Blood pressure is lowered during the night as well as the day, and patients are more likely to sleep through the night undisturbed. For more information visit to our site at http://www.us-med.com