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Louisiana Gov.Bobby Jindal, also on the list of those considering a run for the top office, said he absolutely agreed the nextGOP presidentialnominee should be a governor. http://abcn.ws/14W2ia8 NOTED: MEET THE BIGGEST UPSET WINNER OF 2014 MIDTERM ELECTIONS. Larry Hogan, the political longshot who is now the governor-elect of Maryland, is being applauded at the Republican Governors Association conference for his shocking upset win in the midterm elections. Hogan says he won despite being outspent five to one and says hes only the second governor in nearly 50 years to be elected as a Republican in the state. Maryland was one of the rare spots that even got a visit from the president in the days before the election. The race wasnt on the national radar and he even describes himself as a no name, regular guy. But hes at this weeks annual Republican Governors Association conference and hes getting quite the reception. The RGA even decided to go into $1.5 million in debt to play in the state, a successful gamble. ABCs SHUSHANNAH WALSHE talks to the man who pulled off the biggest upset of the midterm cycle.