What features does nintendo 3ds have

I have a Nintendo DS. I suppose its maybe a bit pass by current standards, with the Wii, the PSP and what-have-you out on the market, but for me it picked up where my Gameboy Advance left off, which picked off where my original Gameboy did. It works well, the games are great and the touchscreen works perfectly. Its smart-looking and feels cool.
So how do you improve on a big selling, popular DS model? Answer: Take a leaf out of Hollywoods book and embrace digital 3D technology. The Nintendo 3DS is a major new invention in gaming, though time will tell if it will catch on. If the device sells, its promise of using autostereoscopy (which creates a 3D effect without the requirement of nerdy glasses) could potentially revolutionize the way we play video games.
The Nintendo 3DS and its new line of 3D Nintendo games will cast an imposing new challenge to the portable gaming world. Personally, I cant wait. The DS, already a classy, grown-up take on the Gameboy, played by professionals on lunch break, retirees and Uni students as well as young children, is set once more to lead the charge with its current 3D incarnation.
Another great feature is its backwards compatibility. The old DS Nintendo games you have at home? Dont worry about them, youll still be able to play them on your new Nintendo 3DS. Nintendos modern reinvention continues to impress. Im a poet and I dont know it!
We could be looking at a brand new innovation in video game technology happening right before our eyes.
This could be as big an idea as taking games out of the arcades and putting them in the home in the first place. Its potentially that important. The Nintendo 3DS and the latest, coolest line of Nintendo games could be the best ever. Personally, I look forward to seeing how great a game can look on a tiny little device, what else can Nintendo offer its customers besides walking on water? It really could be huge. However, if unsuccessful, the Nintendo 3DS could go down in history as a folly of epic proportions. Suppose the picture quality doesnt deliver or the graphics arent up to much? What happens then? If Nintendo falls on this one, they stand to fall from a very great height indeed. Time, and market forces, will tell.
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