What does a Technical Support Engineer do?

Within a corporation or company, the Technical Support Analysts are responsible for providing assistance and maintenance to computer equipment and systems that may present failures. In this regard, their responsibilities include the installation, configuration and updating of hardware and software, as well as the repair of any equipment breakdown.

Technical Support Engineer work by providing assistance or support to the company or employees remotely via telephone or via email. Depending on the size of the company, the field of work of Technical Support Analysts can cover a variety of areas of expertise, for example, there are corporations that hire these professionals to be dedicated to the management and control of computers or mobile devices, while there are others who choose to have a team that caters for all kinds of requests.

All companies require the work of a Technical Support Analyst; however, it is more common in the case of companies that use specialized equipment or programs, that is, financial institutions, hotels, government entities, chain stores and organizations in which these professionals work directly with customers through support centers or assistance via telephone.

The use of technology and specialized equipment is increasingly essential in companies, therefore, it is necessary to have an expert of this type in their staff, as they need someone trained to fix and maintain the devices used in the activities company daily, thus increasing the demand for this profile in the market.