What are the victims you need to know when the password is hacked?

How to hack a face book password
1.Face book site offers a way to hackers to access the account information and is shared with others in an illegal way.
2.Face book hackers know how to hack a face book password? By using the hacker tool hackers used to know about the password and access your details.
3.Face book users know that hackers are increasing everyday because the users are not aware of their account information.
4.So every face book users must secure their account settings as private and anyone who is unknown cannot view your information.
5.By setting the account as private, your information can be secured from being hacked and persons who are in the friends list only can view your information.
6.Using the password generator, you should create the strong password which cannot able to hack by hackers because it contains the combination of punctuations, special characters, etc.
7.You should modify the password once in every month so that the hackers cannot able hack your password to access your information easily.
8.You should not share the important details such as bank account details, credit card number, etc because it has the chance of hacking your shared information.
9.Most of the face book users share their photos, videos, etc in their account. But it is not good to share your information in your account.
10.One should be aware of your information that the hackers should not hack your information and you should not give chance to hackers to hack the password easily.
11.Hackers know the techniques of hacking your face book password; So that you must you should keep secure of your privacy settings of your account.
12.You should not give the simple answer for the security question because it also possible to hack your password easily by hackers.