What are the tools used for SEO?

If you need to capture the top of Google and other major search search engines, you will need more than luck. you should possess the exact street map that those who have achieved top positions for their website have used. This is also the goal of this SEO guide . Provide you with a step-by-step guide to get the top search engine rankings for your page or blog today and forever.

Individually, I have studied thousands of SEO instructions and books . I have built or took part in the web design of dozens of web pages. I've also read a lot of blogs about SEO and I have used thousands of SEO tools that really would not offer anything at all and I still can not figure out their usefulness.


Therefore, I would like to create a simple Greek guide that can, in practical and simple actions, introduce you to the basic concepts of SEO, but it offers you immediate and real results to increase organic traffic from search engines and you make money from the internet.

How did I get started with SEO
When I started with the internet marketing, back in 2000, there was nearly no one around the world to explain to me how one can get out first on Google. It was like a concept impossible, resembling the uncaring puzzle of Khardavella and surpassing my craziest teenage goals.

Of course, there were a number of marketing authorities and various marketing and SEO tools that merely promised incredible results and of course as many of you may have tried various without results.

As you understand, SEO tools have not worked, while I've previously spent a handful of thousand euros on the road, building and rebuilding websites merely to create links that have never labored.

Though very discouraged and disappointed, I never provided up, after 16 years I proceed what I once started and which seemed like a dreamless dream. In the back of my mind I understood that in order to earn a living and succeed I experienced to dramatically boost the organic results of my search engines and SEO.


Therefore, through hard work and prolonged effort, I managed to perfect all those techniques and secrets I may share with you in this guide. I spent years of testing, testing and mistakes to make it and I would like to share all of these types of experiences with you around SEO.

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