What are the different functions of different types of flame retardant fabrics?

In our impression, the flame-retardant fabric is not burning, but it is not. In fact, the flame-retardant fabric is not indispensable to fire, but it will http://www.fireproofworkwear.com/ extinguish immediately after leaving the flame. At the same time, there are corresponding flame retardant standards that can be referenced, such as: EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, NFPA 2112, NFPA70E, and so on.

Flame-retardant fabrics are divided into two categories: fiber flame-retardant fabrics and post-finish flame-retardant fabrics, and then the flame-retardant fabrics are divided into one-time and durability flame-retardant.

Fiber-retardant fabrics, also known as permanent flame-retardant fabrics, are mainly fire-retardant fibers that are woven into a grey fabric. The flame-retardant effect is permanent. This fire-retardant fabric is curled and carbonized in the event of fire, and extinguished when the fire source is left. It does not drip or black smoke and does not generate secondary combustion. The flame-retardant fabric is used in fire extinguishing, rescue and other fields. .

Disposable flame-retardant fabrics, that is, ordinary fabrics are treated with flame retardant in the later dyeing and finishing to achieve flame retardant effect. The biggest drawback is that after the washing, the flame retardant effect disappears or becomes apparently declining. Usually, such flame retardant fabrics are used in some applications. In cases where the number of washings is small, such as hotel curtains.

Durable flame-retardant fabrics, usually using "proban" production process, using a durable finishing flame retardant treatment for cotton fibers and blended fabrics, its main feature is that the flame-retardant fabric can be washed After 50 times, it still maintains good flame retardant capability.

From the above, it can be seen that the initial flame retardant performance of the three flame-retardant fabrics is not much different, but the flame-retardant properties of the disposable flame-retardant fabrics will completely disappear or seriously decline after washing, and the other two flame-retardant fabrics can withstand multiple washings. Keep flame-retardant properties.