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It said there had been criticism within the sector of a lack of brand awareness and a lack of visibility after the controversial abolition of the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) in 2006, which had yet to be resolved. It called for the Welsh Government highlight the role of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the supply chain as part of its strategy. The FSBs evidence follows criticism from experts last week on the quality of the inward investment strategy in Wales in the post-WDA era, with the director of the Welsh Economy Research Unit at Cardiff University, Mike Dillard Professor Max Munday, saying Wales had lost ground consistently to EU competitors since the body disappeared, and said a new arms-length body should be considered. Welsh Conservatives launched a policy last week in which it called for a private-sector led Investment Council to prioritise attracting foreign firms and keeping them in Wales, which bears the hallmarks of a modernised WDA-style body. In its evidence, the FSB said: The Welsh Governments approach to industrial policy is at present crowded and confusing for many businesses. FSB Wales has previously voiced concerns about the Welsh Governments sector-based approach which serves to carve out the economy on the basis of desirable sectors.

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(Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, January 28, 2014.) Another worrisome data point in the report showed that the inventory level of manufactured goods in December was up 0.8%, the highest total amount since this data series was published and also the eighth monthly increase over the last nine months. How should you formulate an investment strategy with this information in mind? Economic growth depends on a continued increase in consumption and production. We saw consumers pull back over the holiday season, which is clearly not a positive sign for future economic growth. Large items in the form of durable goods are continuing to pile up as inventoryalso not a positive sign for economic growth, unless firms can be assured they are able to sell these goods.