Well Hung Heart Songs Evaluation

Greta has been in a couple of other bands prior to Well Hung Heart, most especially a band called Fuji Minx. Robin Davey is possibly someone, if you comply with songs, that you must know.

Well Hung Heart has been Rocking the socks (as well as eardrums) of audiences with their effective, pulsing Rock-sound and getting recognition for their efforts at every turn. Their new solitary, Adversary, has an edgy noise that is like a really one-of-a-kind mix of Queens of the Stone Age, Rage Versus the Maker, The White Stripes and The Kills. It is intense, crazy, savage and impressive.

If this is your first taste of Well Hung Heart, Greta's voice will likely catch you unsuspecting. While she sings wonderfully as well as passionately in Devil, the very first 2 mins of the track have her holding back. To finish the tune, Greta unleashes a whirlwind of abundant vocal fierceness that will certainly hold your attention (thinking for some factor her voice hadn't currently done so) and hold it up until you assume of nothing various other than Well Hung Heart.

My favorite track from Well Hung Heart is, This Is Not Love which has actually just been released as a new single in September. As the tune progresses you begin to get a Yeah Yeah Yeah's kind of feeling for the track as the guitar blends wonderfully with Greta's voice to produce something extremely special. It is in this track that Greta actually shows her singing expertise as runs the gamut of vocals: high, reduced, effective, intimidating, soft, and quietly shy.